What We Do

We deliver two main programs: The Acting For Film WorkShop dubbed Acting On Camera . And the second program is The Filmmaking Workshop dubbed From Script To Shoot In One Day.


This program is aimed at aspiring actors wishing to learn or develop existing acting skills for the medium of film. It is a great taster workshop for those who are new in the craft of acting, as well as those with some theatre experience looking to brush up on their skills in front of the camera.

Taught by an acting coach / director, the learners will learn core acting skills as well as all the technical skills necessary for them to perform confidently in front of a camera.

Learners will acts in filmed exercises and a short filmed scene.


  • Have gained confidence acting for the camera
  • Know and have practiced the tools necessary to create a believable performance on screen
  • Know the difference between acting for theatre and acting for film
  • Understand the technical aspects of acting for the screen


The primary goal of this Filmmaking program is to do the most effective camera work with the highest production-value, and to build a vast repertoire of techniques to make Directing more expressive — and ultimately more fun.

The program also deals with the problem that camera work often grabs so much of our attention that we’re forced to choose between doing camera work or nurturing great performances. If we choose acting, the camera work suffers. If we choose camera work, the actors are often left to direct themselves. One of the key goals of the program is to have great camera work become so automatic that we can do both at the same time.

When shooting, we also too often abandon many great shots we had planned. When we’re under pressure, we revert to tried and tested techniques like two reverses and a master. Even if we know plenty of techniques, we often only use the ones we know extremely well, so another key goal of the workshop is to know techniques so well that we actually use them.

Learners will directs in filmed exercises, operate the camera and also write their own script to be shot in a short filmed scene.


  • Be able to tell a good story cinematically
  • Know how to use a camera to tell a good story
  • Know how to shoot for the edit
  • Have created a short scene for a film
  • Know how to interpret a script, setup a scene and design shots
  • Know how to direct actors and make the camera talk